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Get on Board the Consultation Bus

Earlier this year the City of Hamilton’s Transit Division began a comprehensive community engagement campaign to (Re)envision the HSR. A survey designed by world-class transportation experts at McMaster University ran until April 2019, receiving tremendous community uptake by current and future targeted customers across the city. The nearly 6,000 responses are being used in the next phase, where they are being analyzed.

One of the recommendations in the City of Hamilton’s Public Engagement Policy, made by the Hamilton Engagement Committee and endorsed by Council in April 2015, was the creation of a mobile ‘one stop’ engagement bus.

Recognizing that residents are looking for engagement opportunities beyond traditional methods like Public Information Centers (PICs) only, the HSR is taking our public engagement activities on the road!

Ontario Introducing Free Wi-Fi on GO Transit in 2020; Future of HSR Wi-Fi

Today, it was announced that free Wi-Fi is coming to GO buses and trains next year.

Metrolinx has signed an agreement with Icomera Canada Inc. to connect all 1,475 GO buses and trains to Wi-Fi beginning in 2020.

Beginning spring 2020, commuters on a GO bus or train will be able to stay connected with their mobile devices with a free, reliable, high-quality, wireless internet connection.

“More and more people depend on their phones to be able to work, study and keep in touch with friends and family during their daily commute,” said MPP Gill. “Bringing Wi-Fi to GO trains and buses will make traveling by GO a better, more convenient experience for people in Milton.”

Upcoming Spring 2019 HSR changes

Effective April 28 2019, HSR will be implementing changes affecting several routes.

Re-routing of Route 7 LOCKE due to construction will begin on April 28th and remain in effect for the duration of the project. Buses during this time will not service Locke Street directly. Buses will travel southbound on Queen Street South and northbound on Dundurn Street South. Re-routing buses will require customers to walk into the Locke St shopping district, but will allow buses to maintain schedule integrity.

Permanent re-routing of Route 34 UPPER PARADISE Will also begin on April 28th. This route has been impacted by a number of speed calming initiatives over recent years and buses are no longer able to remain on schedule. Upcoming changes to the route should make route 34 service more reliable for customers.

  • The route is being shortened and will now end at Main at MacNab rather than King at James.
  • Buses returning to the mountain will travel southbound on James Street South and then westbound on Hunter Street West to Queen Street South.

Permanent change to bus stops on King between James and MacNab Will also take place. The stop platform is being expanded to allow for greater accessibility for the six different route variations that operate at this location. The stops have been consolidated and re-aligned so that the buses running along Main St W (5-2 DELAWARE, 10 B-LINE EXPRESS) will operate from the stop closest to MacNab, while the buses running through McMaster University (1A KING5C DELAWARE, 51 UNIVERSITY) will operate from the stop closest to James.

Also starting April 28th is a trial stop re-location for the bus stop for Routes 2 BARTON and 3 CANNON from James at King back to James at King William. The trial will take place from April 28 until September 2019. The aim is to alleviate congestion created by multiple buses attempting to service a singular platform while at the same location 1 KING buses are attempting to turn onto James.

Finally the 56 CENTENNIAL Riverdale Pilot, has been extended until June 22nd, 2019.

HSR relaunches improved online trip planner; SMS alerts coming soon

According to a release from the City of Hamilton, over the coming weeks, this real-time information will be available across five service channels: web, phone, Twitter, digital signage at terminals and a new SMS text feature.

The updated trip planner website hsrnow.hamilton.ca is now mobile-enabled, accessible regardless of the device or browser. Customers will be able to use the website to set up alerts to be sent to them for their favourite routes or stop numbers. Alerts can be customized based on time of day, day of week and they can be sent via email or SMS text (or both).

SMS text (which has not yet launched) will be a new option for customers, enabling them to find out when they can expect their next bus at any given stop. The city anticipates this to be a very popular option, particularly for those who only have texting plans for their phones, including many youth and students.

The relaunched trip planner and upcoming SMS alerts join the existing Bus Check telephone information system and the @HSRnow Twitter account. While the city’s release also touts digital signage at terminals which provide real-time information, these are only available at the MacNab Transit Terminal and have yet to be rolled out to anywhere else in the city.

City to run pilot project putting Wi-Fi on select HSR buses


The City of Hamilton announced today that they are beginning a new pilot project. The first week of October, the HSR will be conducting a two-month pilot project that will see free Wi-Fi provided on 15 buses, operating on various routes across the city.

Buses will be clearly marked with a Wi-Fi symbol beside the front door and on the destination sign. The inside of the bus will include information posted in the “Take One” slots near the driver explaining how to access the Wi-Fi.

Similar to other areas where the City of Hamilton offers free Wi-Fi, customers will need to accept the Terms and Conditions in order to access Wi-Fi on our buses.

HSR fare increase in September 2018

Different fare methods in Hamilton, including paper pass, tickets and Presto

As part of the ten-year transit plan, which was sidelined for a year before being reinstated last year, the HSR will be raising fares again in September. Fares will go up in all categories except for Cash fares, which will remain at $3.00.

The adult and student price for paper tickets as well as the Presto fare price will see a modest 10 cent increase from the current rate. The Presto fare price for Seniors will also be increased by 10 cents.

HSR Customers can continue using their current 2017-2018 tickets with an expiry date of August 31, 2018 which will remain valid thru September 30th with an additional $0.10 per ticket paid into the farebox.

Authorized ticket and pass vendors will begin to sell 2018-2019 Tickets in mid-August with a new expiry date of August 31st, 2019.

When will HSR get on board with Social Media?

At Monday’s Public Works meeting Councillor Collins posed the question to HSR staff when the city’s public transit system would bridge the gap with social media, specifically Facebook or Twitter. Collins also noted that the city is relying on individuals within the community who take it upon themselves to bridge the gap.

Thanks for the shout out, Chad!

Transit Director David Dixon stated that getting on board with social media is part of the ten year transit strategy and this would begin soon.

“We are within a few months of going to Twitter,” Dixon stated at the Public Works meeting.

Transit Fare Parity Update


At the April 10th Meeting of City Council, council passed the following motions regarding Transit Fare Parity in the HSR, including voluntary “free” fares onboard city buses.

That, effective June 1, 2013, a temporary transit fare special program be implemented that would permit the below groups to ride the conventional public transit system (HSR) by either paying the applicable fare or riding at no charge, to be exercised at their own discretion:

New Buses Hit the Road

July 19th marked first day for the new 2012 buses in Hamilton.

A total of 41 new buses were ordered for Hamilton as part of the Metrolinx Transit Purchasing Co-operative, in which buses were ordered for multiple transit agencies in bulk to reduce costs. Other transit agencies participating in this order included Burlington, London, St. Catharines, Welland and Milton.

The first bus to enter service was 1202 which begain it’s innagural run at Eastgate Transit Terminal at 1:30pm. It was a day of relief to many transit fans who had been anticipating the start of service for the new buses since they first began arriving at the Mountain Transit Centre back in February.

Downtown Bus Lane Delayed Until Fall

Hamilton’s Public Works department has delayed the construction of a bus only lane in the downtown until the fall. The project was to begin shortly and would have seen the curbside lane on King street from John to Bay transitioned to use exclusively by transit during rush hour.

From 7:00am – 9:00am and 3:30pm – 6:30pm, when the HSR is operating it’s morning and afternoon peak periods the lane would be a bus only lane. At other times during the day the lane would be subject to mixed usage, as it is now.