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Weekday Northbound Detour of Routes 20, 33, 35 on James Moutain Road


Effective starting October 17, 2013 on Weekdays from 6:00am until 8:00pm the subject routes will operate on Fennell Avenue, Upper Wellington Street and the Jolley Cut in the Northbound (Downbound) direction, due to the duration of average delays currently being experienced downbound on James Mountain Road.

The detour is as per below:

James Mountain Road Intermittent Detours


Throughout the summer Beckett Drive, otherwise commonly known as the Queen Street Hill, has been closed to all vehicular traffic since June. During that time route 34 UPPER PARADISE has been on detour using James Mountain Road.

This mountain access has become congested at times due to the increase in general traffic. During times of such congestion the bus routes which use this access will be intermittently detoured via the Jolley Cut. This intermittent detour is expected to conclude once Queen Street Hill reopens.

The detour is as per below:

HSR Routing Changes Proposed for December

Next Thursday morning staff from the Public Works department are proposing some permanent changes to a handful of routes. These changes would go into effect on December 29th if they are approved for implementation.

The routes affected are 5E DELAWARE, 33 SANATORIUM, 35 COLLEGE and 52 DUNDAS. Below is a wrap-up of the proposals from the report to committee.

The report states that Wherever possible, conventional fixed-route public transit service should take full advantage of roadway layouts that provide for direct travel, thereby minimizing on-bus travel time for customers. In addition, access to the bus routes should be planned to ensure that the walk to the route be within an acceptable distance, where provided for by the layout of collector and local streets, and pedestrian walkways, that connect to the arterial roads. Wherever possible in low-density neighbourhoods, transit routes should be positioned to minimize route duplication (no more than one bus route on a street section).

The recommended modifications to on-street bus routings result in improvements to directness of routing and improved ease of customer understanding of routes, while maintaining acceptable route coverage for the affected neighbourhoods.

These proposals were approved by the Public Works Committee on August 15th, 2013.

Mohawk College Detours – June 20th – 25th


Effective for the start of service on Thursday, June 20, 2013 and until approximately the end of service on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 the internal roadway to the front doors of Mohawk College will be closed due to construction. As a result, routes 20 A-LINE EXPRESS and 35 COLLEGE will be on detour:

Mohawk College Transit Terminal

The city of Hamilton and Mohawk College are in the planning stages of developing a transit terminal on the campus of the college. Take a look below at their description of the project:

The Mohawk College area is emerging as a significant node within the City of Hamilton. Mohawk College is currently and will continue to expand its facilities on the Fennell campus site. One of the immediate projects that are being advanced is the construction of a new multi-modal transit hub and mixed use building on the southwest corner of Fennell Avenue and West 5th Street. This building will provide for a layover and transfer point for Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) buses and passengers and has the opportunity to form a major station site along the existing and enhanced A-Line corridor.