Report: Enhanced A-LINE & B-LINE Amenities

On Thursday, May 16th, 2013 the Public Works Department for the City of Hamilton will present their report for plans on both transit only lanes in Downtown Hamilton as well as plans for improved A-LINE and B-LINE passenger amenities. Both projects, once approved, would be fully implemented before the end of the year.

Below an excerpt from the presentation for the A-LINE and B-LINE amenities.

In 2008, the City of Hamilton received $29.8 million from Metrolinx “Quick Wins”, to be used for municipal capital expenditures for Transit Vehicles and Infrastructure to support A-Line and B-Line improvements.The B‐Line is fourteen kilometres (14 km) in length along the Main Street, King Street and Queenston Road corridors with eighteen (18) stops proposed between McMaster University and Eastgate Square. The A‐Line is sixteen kilometres (16 km) in length along the James Street and Upper James Street corridors with approximately twenty (20) stops proposed between the Waterfront and the Airport. It is proposed that approximately $1.4M of the Quick‐Wins funds be used to improve customer service amenities on the A‐Line and B‐line.


Many transit services in the GTHA have changed their image and brand appeal when launching new bus rapid transit services such as VIVA and vivaNext in York Region, miWAY in Mississauga and Züm in Brampton.

These services are differentiated from regular services not only operationally but also through a unique and customized brand identity that is reflected at every touch point on the system, from new buses to new station stops. As such, the A‐ and B-Lines will represent not a “makeover” of bus stops but rather the first phase in the evolution of Hamilton’s integrated mobility network.

The improved facilities are targeted for completion in 2013 which will encourage and help build transit ridership on the A‐Line in time for the 2015 Pan‐Am Games and the proposed opening of the James North GO station. The new facilities will include, where space permits, amenities such as: shelters, benches, waste receptacles, bike locking facilities, location maps and transit information at key strategic locations. It is proposed that stock street furniture be used, but customized in a way unique to Hamilton. The City has retained IBI Group to assist with the development and tendering of the station designs.

Four (4) prototype designs will be used at different locations, depending on space available. It is estimated that ten (10) to twelve (12) stops can be developed within available budget. A list of short listed locations is attached. Staff is investigating the potential of expanding the transit stops into the curb lane at (2) two locations, Main and MacNab and Main and Longwood (east-bound, south side). Both locations experience high passenger boarding/alighting and have constrained space. A traffic analysis is underway to determine the feasibility of these encroachments.

Following approval of this report, the next steps are to write and issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the detailed design, fabrication and installation of the passenger amenities. The locations will be finalized as part of the RFP and tender process.






View the full report here.