No Service Increase Planned for 56 CENTENNIAL

The HSR will be bringing an information report to the General Issues Committee on February 13th with a report on the status of east end route 56 CENTENNIAL. With ridership declines between 2012 and 2013 the report states there are no plans in increase service to route 56 CENTENNIAL for 2014. The HSR will however monitor ridership trends through 2014 with new commercial developments in the area. If ridership increases, the frequency could be increased with daily service from 6:30am until 11:30pm.

The revised HSR route 56 CENTENNIAL commenced operations on March 25, 2012, providing daily transit service along Centennial Parkway North between Eastgate Square and Lakeland Community Centre, via the Confederation Park Shopping Centre. This growing commercial complex includes a Walmart store. The service operates between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Based upon a 5-year net operating cost funding plan approved by Council in 2012, annual net operating costs over the last two years are funded by contributions from a variety of sources, including Walmart.

56 CENTENNIAL generated an average of 16 passenger boardings per service hour in 2013. This indicates that ridership is in decline, compared to the 28 boardings per hour experienced in 2012. The ridership decline may reflect changes in travel demand to the Confederation Park Shopping Centre, due to the opening of a Walmart at the Centre on Barton. Based on current ridership, increases in service span and service frequency are not justified at this time. HSR will continue to monitor ridership in 2014, given that new commercial developments (Toys’R’Us, Wild Wings, Sandman Hotel) at the Confederation Park Shopping Centre could result in ridership increases.

Should the above occur, service span for 56 CENTENNIAL could be increased to provide daily service from 6:30am until 11:30pm. This alternative would address service requests from those travelling to/from Walmart throughout the store’s operating hours and allow Wild Water Works visitors to return from the attraction at its 8:00pm closing time.

Source: [PDF]