No Changes Recommended for 33 SANATORIUM

After reviewing the current route configuration of 33 SANATORIUM, staff are recommending that no changes be made to the route on Redfern Avenue.

The review came as a result of a petition to City Council where residents on the north side of Redfern Avenue and west side of Chedmac requested that the HSR change the routing of 33 SANATORIUM. The 37 signatories requested a routing change to eliminate all westbound bus traffic on Redfern Avenue.

Route 33 SANATORIUM was most recently modified in January 2014 which resulted in all buses operating in both directions. Previously some bus trips traveled to and from downtown via Refern and Chedmac, while other trips would travel via Sanatorium and Chedmac. The route changes created a streamlined and consistent routing for the bus in both directions.

Below is some information taken from the report, which will be presented to the Public Works Committee on Thursday, May 21st.



Prior to 2003, HSR route 33 SANATORIUM operated on Sanatorium Road, between Scenic Drive and Rice Avenue. In the last decade, changes in land use on the western portion of the Chedoke Hospital campus resulted in bus route changes to the HSR 33 SANATORIUM route. These changes, made in response to requests from the operators of newly constructed long term care centres, resulted in walking distance reductions for workers, visitors and volunteers at Extendicare and St. Peter’s at Chedoke who choose, or are required, to use public transit.

In addition, transit access became more convenient for residents living in the Redfern/Hepburn/Southridge subdivisions.

Transit access to Chedoke Twin-Pad Arena and Mohawk Shared Services – Linen Division was also improved. Between 2003 and 2013, the Chedoke Twin-Pad Arena driveway was used by some 33 SANATORIUM buses as a turnaround, reducing the volume of bus traffic on Redfern Avenue. The expansion of bocce facilities resulted in a discontinuation of this turnaround.

Effective December 29, 2013, route 33 SANATORIUM was modified such that all bus trips began operating along Redfern Avenue and Chedmac Drive, in both directions, and the routing on Sanatorium Road between Redfern Avenue and Rice Avenue was discontinued.


Extendicare and St. Peter’s at Chedoke strongly oppose any reduction in bus routing and service levels on Redfern Avenue and Chedmac Drive. Many of their staff, visitors and volunteers make use of the 33 SANATORIUM bus. Changes in routing will make their institutions less accessible.

At Mohawk Shared Services approximately 40% of their workers use HSR. In particular, for both the long-term care centres and the linen service, staff finishing the afternoon shift is currently able to use westbound Redfern
buses with a minimal after-dark walk. Chedoke Twin-Pad Arena opposes any routing changes that would reintroduce HSR bus traffic on their east driveway and adjacent to their main parking lot, citing conflicts with recreational activities.


Maintaining status quo bus routing results in a continuation of the good level of transit service and coverage for the southeast portion of the Mountview neighbourhood. Ease of understanding of routes and schedules (all buses on a given route operating in both directions on a two-way street) is an important element in retaining transit passengers and attracting non-users to switch from their current travel mode.

Users of all health care-related buildings located on Sanatorium Road, between Rice Avenue and Redfern Avenue, remain within an acceptable walk of transit. In addition, the Sanatorium Road buildings can also take advantage of service provided by route 41 MOHAWK. Buses commonly operate on collector and local streets, in order to provide acceptable levels of route coverage. For example, in the central portion of the Mountview neighbourhood, the “San” subdivision receives two way route 33 SANATORIUM service along
Goulding, San Pedro, Magnolia and portions of San Remo and Lavina Crescent.

The provision of transit service in urban areas can help to reduce single-occupant vehicle traffic, thereby lowering vehicle emissions and daily traffic volumes. Accessible, quality transit provides a convenient alternative to the single-occupant vehicle, in keeping with Transportation Master Plan objectives.

Residents living on Redfern Avenue, who observe an HSR bus exceeding the posted speed limit or failing to obey a stop sign should send the HSR Manager of Operations an e-mail, detailing the offending bus number, the date and time of the incident and, if possible, a general description of the bus Operator. HSR supervisory personnel have been advised of residents’ concerns and have been instructed to routinely monitor the area. Street sweeping requests, relating to construction mud/dust on the road, can be
reported to 905-546-CITY, detailing the location of the road debris.

Source: City of Hamilton