Confederation GO Station Bus Loop opens

Over the weekend the new Confederation GO Station opened to buses.

Starting on Saturday morning GO bus route 12, which had been operating at the park and ride located at Barton Street and Nash Road, officially moved into the bus loop on the north side of the Confederation station site, off Goderich Road. Approximately 60 parking spaces are available. The completed bus loop has three bus platforms as well as room for additional buses to stop.

GO buses operate at Platforms 2 and 3 with buses bound for Burlington stopping at Platform 2 while buses heading towards Niagara Falls stopping at Platform 3. The final platform number 4 is currently unoccupied, which was likely left open for HSR bus service.

While Metrolinx’s President and CEO Phil Verster stated that by the end of 2019 local bus service would also serve the new GO station, it’s not known what capacity the HSR will service the new GO station.

Three bus routes are candidates to stop at the new station, with routes 44 RYMAL and 56 CENTENNIAL the most likely to pull through the station. Both of these routes currently stop at Confederation Plaza (Walmart) across the street. Pulling into the new GO Station is an obvious extension of these routes. With the bus loops close proximity to Barton Street (750m) it would also make sense to send the 2 BARTON bus to and from Confederation GO Station.

City of Hamilton staff are currently reviewing existing local transit service (timetable & routing) in the vicinity of the recently opened Confederation GO Park’n’Ride. Staff are examining efficient and effective approaches to enhance local inter-regional connections.

Recommended HSR service adjustments, if any, are expected to take place on December 29th, 2019.