35 COLLEGE Detoured at Chester and Chesley – PERMANENT CHANGE


Effective Monday, July 8, 2013 from the beginning of service until approximately (revised November 8, 2013) weather permitting, Chester Avenue and Chesley Street will be under construction and will be closed.

Therefore, Route 35 COLLEGE buses to and from downtown via Upper James only will be on detour during this time.

However, HSR will be remaining on detour until after construction has been completed. City Council approved a rerouting for route 35 COLLEGE that will result in the detour routing that is now operating becoming permanent as of December 29, 2013.

There have been a number of requests throughout the years to get buses off of the residential streets in the Chester/Chesley neighborhood. As well, route 35 has been experiencing schedule adherence problems due to the increased ridership and increased traffic in the area. By remaining on West 5th in both directions, this will allow a slight improvement in this regard.

Customers in the survey will have the option of walking out to West 5th to get route 35 COLLEGE or walk out to Stone Church to get route 43 STONE CHURCH. Either of these walks is within the current 400 metre minimum standard that the HSR tries to maintain when designing routing networks.

OUTBOUND/SOUTHBOUND to St. Elizabeth Village via Upper James & Rymal

From West 5th and Chester

  • Continue (south) on West 5th Street
  • Left (east) on Stone Church Road West and resume regular routing.

INBOUND/NORTHBOUND to Downtown via Upper James & Rymal

From Stone Church and West 5th

  • Right (north) on West 5th Street and resume regular routing north of Chester.

The following bus stops will be out of service during the detour:


  • Chester at West 5th
  • Chester at Annabelle
  • Chester at Chesley
  • Chesley at Stone Church
  • Stone Church at West 5th


  • Stone Church at Chesley
  • Chesley at Chester
  • Chester at West 5th

As well, temporary bus stops will be installed:

  • Eastbound on Stone Church Road at West 5th, Southeast Corner, Farside
  • Northbound on West 5th Street opposite Chester Avenue, Eastside, Midblock
  • Southbound on West 5th Street at Chester Avenue, Northwest Corner, Nearside