What is the future of @HSRTransit and the Hamilton Transit Blog?

Serveral years ago I started working on a transit blog all about the HSR and transit in Hamilton. The goal of the blog was to curate and bring together relevant information about transit news and information for residents of the city of Hamilton into one place. With that in mind I also started a Twitter account @HSRTransit as well as several other social media profiles.

It took several years but the City of Hamilton finally got on board with an official Twitter account ( @HSR ) and they are doing a pretty good job with the account. It does everything that I was unable to do with the limitations I had. With the official account in place there isn’t a need for my day to day updates on social media and postings about HSR detours on the blog.

I knew this day would come as all things end and at least this chapter is coming to a close on a positive note. The city is finally joining the current century and is adequately keeping the public informed.

So what now?

The blog here at HamiltonTransit.ca gets decent traffic, but I have decided to discontinue the posting of planned detours. Detours posted on the official HSR website are buried on the city’s own website, but with the advent of the new @HSR, links to them are shared as soon as they are posted online. No longer do I have to check the website several times a day to check for detours.

While I enjoyed doing this in the past, I no longer feel useful.

The blog will stay in its current form with all of the historical information just as it is, however there will be less of a focus on transit detours going forward. Additionally transit related postings will be posted in tandem on both HamiltonTransit.ca and Hamilton-Today.com and funneled through social media channels for both.

While this is a shift of focus for both myself and the blog it won’t signal a complete end to Hamilton Transit. I take #TransitEveryday and there is a lot to talk about.