Upcoming Burlington Transit Changes

On November 3rd, 2013 Burlington Transit will be undergoing a major change of their transit route structure, which will affect routes that interact with HSR services. The changes include alterations to routes 1 PLAINS and 101 PLAINS EXPRESS, both of which travel to downtown Hamilton.

Other route changes affect those services which use the Burlington Downtown Bus Terminal. HSR route 11 PARKDALE also services this station.


  • Weekday service to Aldershot GO Station will be limited to Monday to Friday before until 7pm
  • NO service to Aldershot GO Station on weekends
  • Weekday frequency of 20 minutes peak; 30 minutes off-peak
  • New late night trips Monday to Saturday with final departure from downtown Hamilton at 12:15am
  • New earlier trips on weekends


  • Operates Monday – Friday only between Hamilton downtown and Burlington GO between
  • Runs from 5am – 6:30pm
  • Runs approximately 20 minutes frequency

Follow the below link for a full rundown of all of the changes to the system, including routes that serve the Burlington Downtown Bus Terminal which is serviced by 11 PARKDALE.

Source. Burlington.ca