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City beginning transit shelter replacements next week


The City of Hamilton will soon start replacing some transit shelters in the city.

As part of HSR’s 2019 Shelter Renewal Program, funded through PTIF Phase 1 (50% Municipal and 50% Federal), the City will begin to replace approximately 500 transit shelters throughout the City of Hamilton, with the first 45 replacements scheduled to start January 15th, 2019.

The HSR will post notices in advance at the existing shelter locations advising customers of the disruptions, as well as on social media. Temporary stops will be identified for the duration of the removal and installation.

Source: City of Hamilton

Opinion: Half shelters are no shelter at all

Photo by Jason Nason

New shelter at Hamilton GO Centre Platform 18 | Photo by Jason Nason

Just before Hamilton felt the full force of winter the HSR transit shelters were removed from the Hamilton GO Centre. The shelters were for HSR service on Platform 18 and left the stop without any shelter for nearly three months.

While the timing of the removal and resulting sidewalk work was dubious at best, a large brand new shelter was installed in late February. In fact the new shelter is one of the new “B-LINE” style shelters which have been installed strategically along the 10 B-LINE EXPRESS and 20 A-LINE EXPRESS routes, as well as at the Mountain Transit Centre and the Mohawk College Transit Terminal.

The only problem with the new shelter is that it’s only a half-shelter.

46 New transit shelters installed through end of 2016


If you’ve ever had to wait for a bus then you will know that the experience is more pleasant when there is shelter from the elements nearby. With that in mind the City of Hamilton has continued to expand the number of bus stops with transit shelters.

Through the end of 2016 there were 46 brand new transit shelters installed throughout the city, with more than 400 shelters throughout the HSR transit system.

The new shelters range from full to partial shelters and will make the act of waiting for the bus a more pleasant experience. More information on reporting graffiti and vandalism to city transit shelters can be found on the City of Hamilton website.

More New Bus Shelters Planned for January


Last March, Hamilton City Council approved the installation of some sixty new bus shelters throughout the city of Hamilton.

January will see seventeen new transit shelters installed later in the month. All of the shelters listed were noted to be full shelters, with the exception of MAPLEWOOD at GAGE and UPPER WELLINGTON opposite INVERNESS which were listed as canopy shelters. You can see an example of a canopy shelter at the bottom of the page.

According to Kelly Anderson from Public Works, additional shelter locations will be identified in consultation with Council and a list is expected to be available in third quarter of 2015.

New and Upcoming Bus Shelter Installations


There are some sixty new bus shelters planned to be installed through the city of Hamilton, with twenty six of those already installed as of today. The new shelters are being installed as a result of a plan by staff which was brought to a Public Works Committee meeting back on March 18th, 2013. That report recommended installing up to 56 shelters at a budgeted cost of $10,000 per shelter. The transit shelter expansion plan is fully funded from the Transit Provincial Gas Tax Reserve.

The transit shelter expansion program had until 2010 historically been funded through the advertising contract between the City and CBS Outdoor Canada (CBS). However in 2010, the agreement was subject to re-negotiation and was subsequently amended eliminating the requirement for CBS to fund an annual transit shelter expansion of 15 new shelters per year. Consequently, since 2010, there has been no expansion of the transit shelter inventory while the list of requests for new installations has grown substantively.

Council approved the Public Works Committee Report 13-003 that dealt with staff report PW13005 concerning “Transit Bus Shelter Expansion Plan” on March 27th, 2013.

Below is a full list of the newly installed and planned shelters: