Spring 2017 HSR schedules start March 26th

With Spring finally upon us it’s time for the spring 2017 HSR schedules to launch. This year there are very little changes to report with only one route seeing any scheduling change at all. Route 34 UPPER PARADISE will see a very minor route modification, which is detailed below.

In addition to the schedule change, route 9 ROCK GARDENS resumes seasonal service effective May 14th and route 51 UNIVERSITY ends seasonal service with the final day of service scheduled for April 29th.

Full details are below.


This route operates on Sundays and holidays only and will resume service for the season on May 14th (Mother’s Day). Service will run up to and including Sunday, November 12th.

(Weekdays and Saturdays)
This route will have it’s platform changed at the Meadowlands Transit Terminal effective March 26th. 16 ANCASTER will begin to use newly created Platform 3 (closet to Legend Crt)

The last northbound trip will leave Glancaster Loop three minutes later to improve connections with the eastbound 44 RYMAL bus. It will depart at 11:53 PM and will now arrive at KING at JAMES at 12:16 AM.

(Weekdays and Saturdays)
This route will operate up to and including Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Service will be cancelled as of Sunday, April 30th and will not operate during the summer. Service will resume on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017.


As of March 2017, if you use cash, a paper ticket, or paper monthly pass, a dated paper transfer will be cut and issued by the operator when you board if required. This transfer is valid or 90 minutes from the next end of line for that specific route.

Your PRESTO card will continue to have the two hour (120 minute) transfer written to your card. Paper transfers will not be issued from the PRESTO device.

Burlington Transit and the HSR were going to be discontinuing the issuance/acceptance of paper transfers between Hamilton and Burlington, with an effective date of January 1, 2017.

This initiative has now been cancelled, and it has been decided not to proceed at this time. As such, Hamilton Street Railway and Burlinton Transit will continue to accept each other’s paper transfers.