Some Route Destination Signs Changing Effective December 29th

The HSR will be changing the way some of the front route destination signs will be displayed beginning on Sunday December 29th, 2013. This change is being done in to provide more consistency when obtaining information for bus routes, whether it be bus destination signs, terminal signs, Bus Check, internet trip planning or printed materials.

The changes will affect routes which have multiple branches, such as route 10 B-LINE EXPRESS. This route has two western terminus destinations with the 10 branch ending at University Plaza in Dundas while the 10A branch only runs as far as the McMaster Medical Centre.

Below is a table showing the front destination signs that will be changing and how they will be changed.


This change will take some time getting used to. Please read the destination signs carefuly prior to boarding. If you are unsure if you are boarding the correct bus please ask your operator for assistance.