Service for 2016 has ended. Service will resume in May 2017.


OPERATING HOURS Sunday: 10:05am – 6:05pm
FREQUENCY Sunday – all day: 60 mins

This route only operates during the summer months, with service beginning in May and ending in November. Additionally this route ONLY operates on Sundays & Holidays. This is one of only three current routes to travel into Burlington, the others being 11 PARKDALE and 18 WATERDOWN.

June 28, 2009 – present
North Holy Sepulchere Cemetery With the reconstruction of MacNab Terminal the routing of this route was modified slightly. The bus would turn right onto Hunter as per usual, however instead of then turning right onto MacNab the bus would remain on Hunter and turn right one block later onto Bay St S. The bus would continue on Bay past King St W and return to previous routing.
South Main & James
1997 – 2009
North Holy Sepulchere Cemetery Downtown loop point moved from King St W opposite MacNab to in MacNab Terminal.

When the bus turns onto James St N the bus doesn’t turn onto King St W, but continues on James St S. The bus then turns right onto Hunter St W and then right again onto MacNab St S. The bus then arrives at it’s loop platform at MacNab Terminal. When the bus leaves the loop the bus turns left onto King St W and then continues the previous routing.SouthMacNab Transit Terminal1989 – 1995NorthHoly Sepulchere CemeteryThe bus leaves the downtown stop on King St W opposite MacNab and travels westbound on King St. The bus then turns right onto Bay St N and travels northbound to Cannon St W. The bus then turns left on Cannon and travels westbound merging onto York Blvd as the road name changes. Upon entering Burlington the road changes name to Plains Rd W. The bus continues on Plains Rd until arriving at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The bus turns right on Botanical Dr and then turns right again onto Spring Gardens Rd. The bus would then tours around the Woodland Cemetary and back out to Spring Gardens Rd. The bus then turns right onto Plains Rd W and then another right into Holy Sepulchre Cemetary.

The bus would leave the Holy Sepulchre Cemetary and turn left onto Plains Rd. W. The bus would then turn left onto Spring Garden’s Rd and proceed to tour around Woodland Cemetary. The bus would then come out of the cemetary and turn left onto Botanical Dr, before turning left again onto Plains Rd. W. Once entering Hamilton the road changed to York Blvd and the bus would follow this road to its end, turning right onto James St N. Finally the bus would turn right onto King St W and loop at the end-of-the-line on King accross from MacNab.SouthKing & JamesOTHER PHOTOS: This photo was taken July 2, 2007 of HSR (51)0506 running as a Route 9 Rock Gardens at the MacNab Terminal