OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 5:25am – 1am
Saturday: 5am – 1am
Sunday: 6am – 12am
FREQUENCY Weekdays – morning: 20 mins / midday: 30 mins / afternoon: 20 mins / evening: 60 mins
Saturday – early: 60 mins / morning: 30 mins / midday: 30 mins / evening: 60 mins
Sunday – morning: 60 mins / midday: 30 mins / evening: 60 mins

This route is both a east-west and a north-south route servicing the south-west end of the city from downtown part of the city. The route operates from approximately 5am to 1am seven days a week. This route is interligned with 7 LOCKE and 8 YORK. Before all of the HSR routes were numbered this route was preceded in the late 1950s by the two seperate routes called ABERDEEN and LONGWOOD. Both of these bus routes were combined into what is the modern day 6 ABERDEEN. In the earlier 1950s the route ABERDEEN was part of a larger route called ABERDEEN-YORK which combined both of the current 6 ABERDEEN and 8 YORK. Even earlier this route was one of the many streetcar routes the served the city as ABERDEEN & YORK.

June 1997 – present
West Princess Point Loop Much of the route would remain unchanged with the bulk of the changes happening near the western terminus of the route. When the bus was travelling north along Longwood Rd it would continue north past Franklin Ave and loop at a new loop at Princess Point near Cootes Paradise. Returning the bus would continue on Longwood onto Macklin St N travelling southbound. The bus would then turn right onto King St W followed by a left onto Longwood Rd N. The bus would continue on the previous routing to King & James.
East King & James
1991 – 1997
West Franklin & Longwood The routing would remain unchanged, with the only change being the removal of the 6A shorturn of the route. Additionally the route would be interligned with ‘Route 7 Locke’ and ‘Route 8 York.’ When the bus would arrive downtown at King & James it would leave as a ‘Route 7 Locke.’ In the same way an inbound Locke bus would become an outbound York and an inbound York would become an outbound Aberdeen bus.
East King & James
1989 – 1991
West Franklin & Longwood
Aberdeen & Longwood (6A)
The bus leaves the downtown loop point travelling south on James St S. The bus would turn right onto Duke St followed by a left at Park. Next the bus would turn right at Charlton St W followed by a left onto Queen St S. The bus would then turn right onto Aberdeen Ave. A bus running at a 6A would short-turn when it arrived at Longwood and Aberdeen, but the main branch bus would contine and turn right onto Longwood Rd S. The bus would next turn left onto Norwood, right on Upwoods and right on Franklin to arrive at the loop point. (Clockwise or sounter-clockwise is unclear) Returnning the bus would travel southbound on Longwood Rd and turn right onto Aberdeen Ave. The bus would turn left onto Hess St, right onto Herkimer St and then left on MacNab St S. The bus would next turn right onto Bold St, right onto James followed by a quick left onto Augusta St. A left turn would then follow onto John St S followed by a left turn on Rebecca and another left onto James St N. The bus would then arrive at the loop point at James St just south of King St.
East King & James
This photo was taken July 17, 2007 of HSR 9907 a Route 6 Aberdeen sitting at the Downtown loop at King & James.
This photo was taken July 17, 2007 of HSR 0721 a Route 6 Aberdeen on John St S at Main St E.