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Saturday: 4:30am – 1:20am
Sunday: 5am – 12am
Route 5 DELAWARE is the longest route in the HSR, travelling a total of 44.42km from end to end. The farthest west point in this length is at the Meadowlands Terminal in Ancaster (5C) and the farthest east point (5) is at Jones & King.

This route was by far the most confusing route for many HSR passengers as the route had six branches (5, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5E, 52), as well as five different western destinations and three eastern destinations. Choosing the correct ‘Delaware’ bus was made even more complicated by the fact that some westbound runs of 5B/52 used King Street while other westbound runs of 5B/52 used Delaware. Eastbound runs had 5/5A using Delaware but 5E runs using Main Street and bypassing the namesake street.

This all changed in 2013 when several changes were made to the route. As of December 29th the 5B branch (formerly called 5B MAIN WEST) was completely retired with all former 5B buses being extended into Dundas following the 52 DUNDAS branch. Additionally the route was realigned so that EVERY branch of the route would run on the same central path and take Delaware Ave. None of the buses would serve King Street or Main Street any longer between Wellington and Ottawa.

Another change happened on the same day in that the route displays were all changed so that every run would display simply 5 DELAWARE with the branch (5A, 5C, 5E, 52) displayed in the destination line below. This was met with some confusion and criticism. The changes to the route structure were meant to ease some of the confusion in the route.

West - Head Street (52)
– Governors Road (52)
– Meadowlands Terminal (5C)
– West Hamilton Loop (5C)
East - Jones & King (5)
– Greenhill & Cochrane (5A)
– Quigley & Greenhill (5E)
This photo was taken January 31, 2007 of HSR 9703 running as a Route 5C West Hamilton on King St E near Ottawa St S.
This photo was taken April 25, 2007 of HSR 9806 running as a Route 5A Delaware-Rosedale on Main St W approaching MacNab St.
This photo was taken April 25, 2007 of HSR 9912 running as a Route 5E Delaware-Greenhill on Main St W approaching John St.
This photo was taken August 15, 2007 of HSR 0312 running as a Route 5B Main West on Maplewood Ave.
This photo was taken April 18, 2007 of HSR (51)0413 running as a Route 5 Delaware on Main St W approaching MacNab St.