OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 5:38am – 9:45am, 1:32pm – 5:40pm
FREQUENCY Weekdays – am peak: 30 mins / pm peak: 30 mins

20 A-LINE EXPRESS is a north-south express route that travels from downtown Hamilton to the Hamilton International Airport. The route also stops on the Fennell campus of Mohawk College. This route only runs weekdays during peak periods.

September 2, 2014 – Present
North Pier 8 The downtown terminus was relocated to Pier 8 at the Hamilton Waterfront. Northbound buses, upon reaching John and King would continue northbound on John Street where previously buses would have turned. Buses would then turn left on Barton Street, right on James Street, right again on Guise Street and then left onto Discovery Drive at Pier 8. Returning southbound buses would exit Pier 8 on Discovery Drive, turn right on Guise, left on James, right onto King Street and then left into MacNab Transit Terminal. Buses would then continue their previous routing south to Hamilton International Airport.
South Hamilton “John C. Munro” International Airport
February 14, 2011 – August 29, 2014
North MacNab Transit Terminal The downtown terminus was relocated to the MacNab Transit Terminal. Routing would not change for the most part. When the bus would reach the stop King at Hughson the bus would continue west on King, south on MacNab to platform 6. Leaving the bus would travel south on MacNab, east on Main, south on James and continue the previous routing. The other significant change to occur was that the route would now serve all local stops between downtown and Mohawk College.
South Hamilton “John C. Munro” International Airport
December 28, 2009 – February 11, 2011
North King & Hughson Three new “half-trips” were added in the morning from the Mountain Transit Centre to the airport and another three “half-trips” added to the MTC from the airport. Buses that would typically travel the short distance to and from the garage ‘out of service’ were changed to run express ‘in service.’
South Hamilton “John C. Munro” International Airport
September 8, 2009 – December 27, 2009
North King & Hughson A southbound bus leaves King & Hughson in downtown Hamilton and travels westbound on King St. E. The bus then turns left onto James St S. travelling south. The bus continues onto James Mountain Road to climb the escarpment and arrives on the hill on West 5th St. The bus continues south until arriving at Mohawk College where it turns left onto the campus. After making a stop at the entrance to the college the bus turns right onto Fennell Ave W travelling eastbound. The bus then turns right onto Upper James St. The bus travells south on Upper James St until arriving at Airport Rd in Mount Hope. The bus turns right on Airport Rd and then right again at the main terminal of Hamilton International Airport.Returning to downtown Hamilton the bus retraces the same path until arriving on James St S. The bus turns right onto St. Joseph’s Drive and then turns left onto John St S. The bus makes a final left turn on King St E to arrive at the loop point at King & Hughson.
South Hamilton “John C. Munro” International Airport

This photo was taken September 8, 2009 of HSR 933 sitting at the Hamilton International Airport as 20 A-LINE EXPRESS.

This photo was taken August 25, 2008 of HSR 8809 sitting at the Mountain Garage displaying the route sign 20 EXPRESS.