Extended, Satuday and Bi-Directional Service started in September 2015.

OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 5:10am – 7:57pm
Saturdays: 8:25am – 7:42pm
FREQUENCY Weekdays – all day: 30 mins
Saturdays – all day: 30 mins

This route serves the community of Waterdown and connects its residents to GO Transit commuter services via the Aldershot GO Station. The route travels in a clockwise loop of Waterdown and only operates weekdays during morning and afternoon peak periods. There is no service on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Service for this route is optimized to make connections with Toronto-bound GO trains in the morning and Hamilton/Aldershot-bound GO trains in the evening. This route also makes connections with Burlington Transit route 1 PLAINS at the Aldershot GO Station.

In a previous incarnation of the route in 1994 the route also serviced downtown Hamilton via HWY 6 and the 403.

September 8th, 2015 – present
North Waterdown High @ Parkside Drive The route will see the introduction of bi-directional service in September 2015. The route will see service removed on Highway 6 and Evans road, with new service being added to both the Horseshoe Plaza and the Walmart.
South Aldershot GO Station
Platform 6
2008 – September 4th, 2015
North Waterdown High @ Parkside Drive The bus would leave the loop at Aldershot GO Station and turn right onto Waterdown Rd. The bus then continues onto Mill St S upon entering Waterdown. Arriving at Dundas St the bus would turn left, followed by a right onto Highway #6. The bus would then turn right again onto Parkside Drive. The bus would continue on Parkside until arriving at Evans Rd where the bus would turn right, followed by another right onto Dundas St. Next the bus would make a left turn onto Mill St S and return to the Aldershot GO Station via Waterdown Rd.
South Aldershot GO Station
Platform 6
North Aldershot GO Station The bus leaves loop on king between James/Hughson and travel west on King St. Bus would take the 403 Toronto east exit. It would then exit onto Highway 6 North – Guelph. The bus would then turn right onto Parkside Drive and then another right onto Hamilton st N in Waterdown. The coach would then turn left onto Dundas St and then right onto Mill St S heading towards Burlington. Once in Burlington the street would change into Waterdown Road and the bus would continue to the Aldershot GO Station.

Return trip the bus would leave the Aldershot GO Station and travel north on Waterdown Rd onto Mill St S. The bus would then turn left onto Dundas St through Waterdown, turning left again onto Highway #6. The bus would then take the 403 West Hamilton exit onto the 403. The bus would continue onto the 403 and then exit onto the Main St exit. The coach would then turn right onto Main St W and travel into downtown Hamilton. The bus would turn left onto John St S and then another left onto King St E, arriving at the King & James stop.

South King & James

This photo was taken September 2, 2008 of HSR 0722 sitting at the Aldershot GO Station as Route 18 Waterdown. This shot is of the very first bus on the first day of service for the new route.

This photo was taken August 25, 2008 of HSR 8809 sitting at the Mountain Garage displaying the routesign route 18 WATERDOWN.

This photo was taken January 9, 2008 of HSR 8601 sitting at the Hamilton GO Centre displaying the routesign between Route 18 WATERDOWN and route 25 UPPER WENTWORTH.