OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 4:30am – 1:20am
Saturday: 5am – 1:20am
Sunday: 5am – 12am
FREQUENCY Weekdays – Morning: 10 mins / afternoon: 6 mins / evening: 10 mins / late: 20 mins
Saturday – early: 20 mins / morning: 15 mins / afternoon: 8 mins / evening: 15 mins / late: 20 mins
Sunday – early: 30 mins / morning: 15-20 mins / afternoon: 10 mins / evening: 20 mins / late: 20 mins

The KING route serves lower Hamilton east-west from McMaster Medical Centre in the west to Eastgate Square in the east. Service runs 7 days a week from the early morning until after midnight.

June 22, 2014 – present
West - Hamilton GO Centre
University Plaza (1A)
McMaster University requested that the HSR remove all buses from the front entrance of the McMaster Medical Centre. So all 1A branch buses were extended to University Plaza. Instead of turning into McMaster Medical Centre, westbound buses would turn right onto Main Street heading passed Emerson Street. Buses would continue onto Osler Drive heading into Dundas and then turn left into University Plaza. Returning eastbound buses would turn right onto Osler Driver, continue eastbound on Main Street West, turn left onto University Avenue (McMaster Campus) and resume previous routing through campus.
East - Eastgate Terminal
– Fiesta Mall (Sundays only)
June 28, 2009 – June 21, 2014
West -Hamilton GO Centre
-McMaster University Terminal (1A)
With the reconstruction of the MacNab Terminal the western terminus of the route was relocated to the Hamilton GO Centre. Westbound buses would now turn left on James St S and then turn left into the Hamilton GO Centre using platform 18. Returning east the bus would turn left onto John St S and then right onto Main St E. The rest of the route remained unchanged. The 1A branch remained unchanged. Buses travelling east from McMaster University would remain on Main St and would not go into the Hamilton GO Centre.
East -Eastgate Terminal
-Fiesta Mall (Sundays only)
1998 – 2009
West -MacNab Transit Terminal
-McMaster University Terminal (1A)
The route was extended in the west end to service the McMaster Medical Centre on weekdays only. Westbound buses would bypass MacNab Terminal and continue west on King St W, turn right onto Sterling St and enter the McMaster campus, looping in front of the Medical Centre Doors. Buses would return via Sterling, left onto King St, right on Paradise, left on Main St W and travel into the downtown core. The rest of the route remained unchanged, however the 1A route designation was removed from Eastbound trips terminating at Eastgate.
East -Eastgate Terminal
-Fiesta Mall (Sundays only)
1989 – 1997
West -MacNab Terminal The bus would leave the Eastgate Terminal, or Fiesta Mall on Sundays, and travel westbound on Queenston Road. After passing Parkdale the street would change to become Main St E. The bus would then merge right onto King St E and continue along until passing James St where the bus would turn left onto MacNab St and terminate at the MacNab Terminal.
East -Eastgate Terminal (1A)
-Fiesta Mall (Sundays only)
The bus would leave the MacNab Terminal and turn left onto Main St W. The bus would travel a great distance on Main St until the road became Queenston Road east of Kenilworth. The bus would arrive at Eastgate Square and turn into the parking lot to loop at the terminal. On Sundays only the bus would continue past Eastgate until terminating at Fiesta Mall, just before Grays Road.