Ontario Introducing Free Wi-Fi on GO Transit in 2020; Future of HSR Wi-Fi

Today, it was announced that free Wi-Fi is coming to GO buses and trains next year.

Metrolinx has signed an agreement with Icomera Canada Inc. to connect all 1,475 GO buses and trains to Wi-Fi beginning in 2020.

Beginning spring 2020, commuters on a GO bus or train will be able to stay connected with their mobile devices with a free, reliable, high-quality, wireless internet connection.

“More and more people depend on their phones to be able to work, study and keep in touch with friends and family during their daily commute,” said MPP Gill. “Bringing Wi-Fi to GO trains and buses will make traveling by GO a better, more convenient experience for people in Milton.”

“We know our customers want to stay connected to make the most of their journey time while traveling with us,” said Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer for Metrolinx. “That is why we are very excited to announce we will deliver Wi-Fi on our trains and buses. Our new partnership with Icomera is for great Wi-Fi and great on-board entertainment experiences. This is another exciting and important delivery for our customers.”

In Hamilton the HSR began conducting a two-month pilot project during first week of October of 2018 that saw free Wi-Fi provided on 15 buses, operating on various routes across the city.

The Wi-Fi is still operational on board these buses and the city has extended the pilot until a firm decision is made to continue, expand or end it. They are still assessing the cost and feasibility of providing the service for customers on a larger number of buses.

The HSR has 267 buses in its fleet operating on 34 routes.

During the recent survey for (Re)envision the HSR, respondents were asked what relative value they would place on free Wi-Fi, versus other aspects of service, such as higher frequency, weekend service, improved stop/shelter amenities, etc. The results of the survey will factor in to the discussion.

A firm decision should be made before the end of 2019.