Notice: Holiday Service Monday for Thanksgiving

As a reminder, the Hamilton Street Railway will be operating on a holiday schedule for Thanksgiving this Monday. On this date many routes will be operating with reduced frequencies while some routes will not be operating at all.

The following routes will not be in service Monday:

Summer route 9 ROCK GARDENS, which operates on Sundays and Holidays, WILL be in service on Thanksgiving.


Also DARTS will be operating holiday service hours on Monday, October 8th. All subscription trips on DARTS, with the exception of dialysis, are cancelled for Monday, October 8th. If passengers need to travel on this day, they must make an advance reservation to do so.

Normal Operating Service Hours for DARTS on holidays are 6:30 am to 12:30am.

ATS customer service will be closed on Monday, October 8th. The HSR Customer Service Centre at the Hamilton GO Centre is also closed on Thanksgiving.


Burlington Transit will also be operating on a holiday schedule. Route 1 PLAINS will be operating with a one hour frequency between 8am and 6pm. Route 101 PLAINS EXPRESS does not operate on holidays.

Burlington Transit Customer Service locations are closed on Sundays and statutory holidays.


GO Transit will be operating on a Sunday schedule for Thanksgiving and there will be no train service to the Hamilton GO Centre or the West Harbour GO Station.