No New Articulated Bus Orders Planned

New Flyer XN60 | Photo from New Flyer

The City of Hamilton approved an order for new 60′ Natural Gas articulated buses last June, which should arrive in the next few months. But after this latest order there are no further planned purchases of articulated buses.

The question arose after the Metrolinx Transit Procurement page listed Hamilton on the list for 60′ articulated, 40′ regular as well as mini-buses.

Mini-buses are used on several low volume routes including 12 WENTWORTH, 18 WATERDOWN and 52A DUNDAS LOCAL.

The information listed on the Metrolinx page is incorrect.

A member of city staff confirmed that after the 2015 bus order completion there is no intention to buy any additional articulated buses. In fact, the 2016 bus order will solely be 40′ Natural Gas buses from NOVA bus, as part of the Metrolinx consortium.

The staffer also stated that, at this time, there is no further intention to purchase additional small buses.