Next Bus Signs coming to MacNab Terminal


Finding out next bus times for transit customers using MacNab Terminal could become a whole lot easier this fall.

A report from the Public Works Department was presented to the Public Works Committee at City Hall Monday morning. The report proposes the purchase and instillation of ‘next bus’ display screens at each platform of the terminal. Also included in the project are large display screens within the terminal passenger building with upcoming arrival times for the next several buses for all routes stopping at the terminal. Routes passing near the terminal would also be listed.

The signs would display the departure time of the next bus at the stop. In case of a delay, through the GPS installed on every bus, the system could display an updated arrival of the next bus in real time.

The system and infrastructure could also be expanded in the future to include similar ‘next bus’ displays at other HSR bus terminals throughout the city. Other transit hubs in the city include Eastgate Square Terminal, LimeRidge Mall Terminal, McMaster University as well as the proposed Mohawk College Transit Terminal. Signage could also be implemented at individual bus stops.

Funding for the project comes from the Metrolinx “Quick Wins” Reserve. The city received $29.8 million in capital funding for transit related projects from the province in 2008. $13.1 million is still available for future planned projects. The fund has also been used previously for the purchase of articulated low-floor buses and a Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study for the A-Line corridor.

The public works committee approved the project spending at a cost of $565,000. The equipment and system will be installed at the MacNab Transit Terminal building by November 2012.