New Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal?

For the last while I’ve been thinking about and going over how to improve the transit terminal at Limeridge Mall. As it stands right now passengers using buses which stop on the west side of the terminal have to cross four lanes of traffic to get to the mall side of the lot. There is no crossing within the terminal to make this safe to do so.

After looking at several different ideas for relocating the terminal I came up with a design that requires that the current terminal be modified with very little change and minimal loss in parking.

I wrote up a proposal detailing my ideas and created several diagrams to go along with it, including the terminal’s current layout, proposed changes and the total number of parking spots which would be lost in the change.

This proposal was sent to Ward 7 Councillor Scott Duvall (councillor for the ward which includes Limeridge Mall) and he forwarded it to the transit department to investigate the possibility.

By copy of this email, Councillor Duvall is requesting that planning staff in Public Transit/HSR give your submission priority and contact you directly with their comments, as well as updating the Councillor.

So, while that in no way means that the changes will become a reality it does go to show that sharing your ideas can help make change.

Check out the full submission here.