New double-decker GO buses to start serving Hamilton GO Centre in September

Photo from Metrolinx

While the original GO Transit double-decker buses were unable to run out of the Hamilton GO Centre due to the low bridge at Hunter, the newer low-floor, low-height double-decker buses now in service will soon be running out of the downtown terminal.

The new double-deckers are 39 cm lower than the first generation of double-decker GO buses, and 24 cm lower than the second generation, which means they are able to clear more bridges and trees, increasing the number of routes they can travel on.

Starting in September the new low-floor, low-height buses will replace single deck buses that serve:

  • Route 47 407 WEST

The new buses have lower floors, and a longer, more gradual ramp for easier boarding and exiting. The buses have two wider mobility device areas to provide improved maneuverability and contain eight electrical outlets for customer use (four on each level) with two in the wheeled mobility device area. As with all GO buses the double-deckers will have automated next-stop announcements and visual displays, and there will be more space to store luggage on board.

The lower floor of the bus has reclining seats and the buses have tinted windows for increased UV protection and temperature control.

GO Transit plans to add 38 of these buses to the fleet by the end of 2016, and will have a total of 253 by 2020.

Source: GO Transit