Mountain Climber pilot program expanded to Kenilworth and Beckett Drive mountain accesses


Last night, Hamilton City Council approved an expansion of the Mountain Climber pilot program that allows cyclists to take an HSR bus up or down the escarpment for free.

After a year-long pilot that began in May 2017, Council approved the permanent implementation of the Mountain Climber program on James Mountain Hill (West 5th Access).

Council also approved a second pilot project of the Mountain Climber program on the Kenilworth Access and Beckett Drive (Queen Street). The second phase of the pilot project will also be monitored for one year and staff will report back with recommendations of whether or not to continue in spring 2019.

The Kenilworth Access is served by route 41 MOHAWK while Beckett Drive is served by 34 UPPER PARADISE.

To participate in the Mountain Climber program, cyclists wait at one of the marked stops at the top or bottom of James Mountain Road, the Kenilworth Access or Beckett Drive, and secure their bike to the front bike rack on the bus. They should let the operator know they are riding for free as a Mountain Climber, and depart the bus at the first available stop once up or down the escarpment roadway.

No specific date has been announced for the start of the pilot for the two announced mountain accesses.

Source: City of Hamilton