MOHAWK EAST SHUTTLE daily service to Mohawk 4 Ice Centre starting September 4th

21 UPPER KENILWORTH bus at Mohawk 4 Ice Centre on February 18th, 2014.

Effective Sunday, September 4th, 2016 the weekday shuttle route known as the MOHAWK EAST EXTRA SHUTTLE will have expanded service.

The MOHAWK EAST SHUTTLE, as it will be called, route provides services between LimeRidge Mall and the Mountain Brow Loop. In Sepember all buses on the route will be extended to the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre on Mountain Brow Blvd. The shuttle route currently provides transit service along Mohawk Road, Upper Kenilworth Avenue and Limeridge Road on weekdays during peak hours, however in September service hours will be expanded to include weekends as well as more service in the evening.

One additional trip will be added on weekday mornings to and from Limeridge Mall. Five additional trips will be added in the afternoon and early evening with the last bus departing LIMERIDGE TRANSIT TERMINAL at 8:14 PM. The final departure from Mohawk 4 Ice Centre is scheduled for 8:38 PM.

Additionally service will be added on Saturdays and Sundays during the day with buses operating on a 45 minute headway. Service will run between 6:21 AM and 4:06 PM with the final departures from the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre on both days scheduled for 4:30 PM.

This service is being implemented on a trial basis.

During the trial period the shuttle route will be known simply as the MOHAWK EAST SHUTTLE, however if the decision is made to make this shuttle a permanent route it will added to the 41 MOHAWK route and will be then known as 41E MOHAWK EAST SHUTTLE.

The extension of the shuttle route to the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre is being added as part of the HSR’s Ten Year Transit Plan. The arena was previously temporarily served by an extension of 21 UPPER KENILWORTH in 2014.