Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal – Proposal

In its current state the Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal is unsafe for transit users and can create slowdown for motorists passing through the terminal area of the parking lot. Transit users upon disembarking from buses on the western platforms of the terminal are required to cross four lanes of traffic to reach the east side of the terminal to access the pedestrian pathway to the mall. There is no protected or markings on the roadway to allow passengers to safely cross the traffic. Most transit users simply walk across the roadway. This causes the traffic through the area to stop, yielding to the pedestrians.

While there has not been any injuries to any pedestrians this can cause some confusion between motorists and pedestrians and creates the potential for injury.

This submission is a proposal to adjust the current terminal to allow for a fully protected terminal that will not only create a safer environment for waiting transit users, but also allow for better traffic flow through the parking lot.


Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal – Current Configuration

The image shows how the terminal is currently laid out. As you can see the buses pick up passengers on protected shoulder lanes. However passengers who are getting off the buses on the left platforms, or are exiting the mall to the right, must cross four lanes of traffic. Pedestrians who use these buses typically cross all four lanes in the middle of the roadway.

The mall has installed speed humps to reduce the speed of motorists travelling though this area of the parking lot, however there is still the potential for serious injury.

The path of the buses is also marked on the map with the use of blue arrows. Buses from routes 25 UPPER WENTWORTH and 43 STONE CHURCH arrive from the bottom of the map (south) and exit through the roadway at the top of the map (north). Buses from routes 26 UPPER WELLINGTON and 41 MOHAWK arrive from the top of the map (north) and exit through the roadway at the bottom of the map (south).

Buses which exit the mall parking lot from the south side are prone to delays as this exit is a bottleneck and is often full of exiting motorists. It had even been suggested previously that a small transit priority lane be added to allow for buses to exit more easily.

With minimal loss to parking I propose that the buses which currently sit on the west side of “Ring Road” be relocated off of the road onto a protected transit roadway on the east side of the current bus platforms.


Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal – Proposed Configuration

As can be seen from the second image a protected roadway has been added on the east side of the current eastern platforms of the Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal. The eastern platform has also been extended to allow for a third platform on both sides. In the current configuration of the terminal, 43 STONE CHURCH shares the same platform for buses travelling in both eastbound and westbound directions, which at times causes delays when buses in both directions arrive at the same time. The second bus and passengers must wait for the first bus to complete passenger boardings and leave the terminal before doing the same. If time is limited the bus may be forced to load and unload passengers at the side of the roadway instead of at the platform. This is not possible if there is a wheelchair or scooter waiting to load or unload.

In this proposed new configuration not only is the potential hazard for pedestrians and motorists removed, this also creates a centralized waiting area for passengers. The added space can allow for more passenger amenities, including benches and shelters.

Buses arriving at the redesigned terminal would follow the same path as previous but all routes would depart from the mall via the larger exit opposite Kingfisher Drive. This should also help to alleviate the delays experienced from the southern exit as buses and cars are no longer in competition for the narrow exit.


Parking spots lost are shown in red.

As can be seen from the next image the loss of parking is negligible, with only 36 spots being removed from directly beside the terminal itself. As Limeridge Mall is currently undergoing major renovations a project such as this could be undertaken at the conclusion of the malls renovation.

Services currently using the Limeridge Mall Transit Terminal: 5

  • 41 MOHAWK