James North GO to be named West Harbour GO Station


James North GO is no more.

A small change on the Metrolinx and GO Transit websites appeared recently, and the change was officially confirmed today by a rep from Metrolinx. The new GO station being built in Hamilton will be known as the West Harbour GO Station when it opens to the public this June. The name is followed by the note “formerly James North GO” in brackets.

The station has been commonly referred to as the “James North GO Station” referring to the street on which the station is located. That name was never confirmed to be the final name and since the Hamilton GO Centre is located on Hunter Street and James South, that name could cause confusion.

West Harbour GO is more in line with the naming conventions of other GO stations, which are typically named after the neighbourhood or area in which they are located and not their street address.

Similarily the proposed GO station on Centennial Pkwy in east Hamilton will be named Confederation GO.

Source: GO Transit, Metrolinx