HSR Routing Changes Proposed for December

Next Thursday morning staff from the Public Works department are proposing some permanent changes to a handful of routes. These changes would go into effect on December 29th if they are approved for implementation.

The routes affected are 5E DELAWARE, 33 SANATORIUM, 35 COLLEGE and 52 DUNDAS. Below is a wrap-up of the proposals from the report to committee.

The report states that Wherever possible, conventional fixed-route public transit service should take full advantage of roadway layouts that provide for direct travel, thereby minimizing on-bus travel time for customers. In addition, access to the bus routes should be planned to ensure that the walk to the route be within an acceptable distance, where provided for by the layout of collector and local streets, and pedestrian walkways, that connect to the arterial roads. Wherever possible in low-density neighbourhoods, transit routes should be positioned to minimize route duplication (no more than one bus route on a street section).

The recommended modifications to on-street bus routings result in improvements to directness of routing and improved ease of customer understanding of routes, while maintaining acceptable route coverage for the affected neighbourhoods.

These proposals were approved by the Public Works Committee on August 15th, 2013.


That the General Manager of Public Works be authorized and directed to permanently modify the on-street routing for HSR Route 5E/52 DELAWARE/DUNDAS, effective December 29, 2013, such that all bus trips will operate Westbound on Justine / Lawrence / Gage / Maplewood / Delaware / Stinson / Hunter / John and Eastbound on Wellington / Stinson / Delaware / Maplewood / Gage / Lawrence /Justine, between Province Street and John Street, and that the routing on Ottawa Street South, King (between Ottawa and John) and Main (between Wellington and Ottawa) be discontinued.

Walking distance, or route coverage, to a bus route remains status quo. By reducing local bus traffic on King and Main Streets (from 12 to 10 buses per direction per peak hour) and increasing bus traffic on Stinson/Delaware/Maplewood (from 6 to 8 buses per direction per peak hour) the service supply more closely reflects the service demand.

Customer ease of understanding of routes is improved, with all buses on the 5 DELAWARE route operating along the same streets between Rosedale Avenue and Paradise Road. King Street and Main Street will continue to be served by 1 KING and 10 B-LINE EXPRESS. On Ottawa Street and on King Street (between Ottawa & Huxley) Route 41 MOHAWK will maintain its existing routing.

Route 5 DELAWARE / 5A DELAWARE / 5C WEST HAMILTON will maintain its existing routing.

Historical Background:

Route 5E DELAWARE / 52 DUNDAS has operated on its existing routing since 1999, providing additional capacity on the portion of the King/Main corridor between the Downtown and Ottawa Street. Previously, this route operated via Justine/Lawrence/Gage/Maplewood/Delaware/Stinson/Hunter/John, following the same routing as the rest of the Route 5 DELAWARE bus service.

Improvements to service frequency on Route 1 KING in 2012 have increased capacity on the subject corridor portion to the point where the capacity provided by Route 5E DELAWARE / 52 DUNDAS is not required.



That the General Manager of Public Works be authorized and directed to permanently modify the on-street routing for HSR Route 33 SANATORIUM, effective December 29, 2013, such that all bus trips will operate on Chedmac Drive and Redfern Avenue, in both directions, and that the routing on Sanatorium Road, between Rice Avenue and Redfern Avenue, and through the Chedoke Twin-Pad Arena roadway, be discontinued.

For Route 33, walking distance for the Chedoke Hospital buildings increases by a maximum of 230 metres. The resulting route coverage remains within the transit industry guideline of 400m (a 5-minute walk) to access this bus route. The reconstruction of Sanatorium Road features a continuous concrete sidewalk on both sides of the roadway, with pedestrian crossings at suitable locations. The route modification places all of the hospital buildings, the long term care centres, the Columbia College residence and the newer residential development (Redfern, Hepburn, Southridge) within the route coverage guideline. The route will provide daily service on a consistent schedule to key destinations, such as Mohawk College and the Downtown.

The routing of Route 41A MOHAWK will not change. It will continue to provide daily service along Sanatorium Road, between Scenic Drive and Rice Avenue. As a result of the routing modification, route duplication has been minimized on this road section.

Historical Bakground

Route 33 SANATORIUM has operated on the portion of Sanatorium Road that passes through the Chedoke Hospital campus since the 1950’s. In the last decade, changes in land use, primarily on the west portion of the hospital grounds, resulted in bus route changes to accommodate workers and visitors at the Extendicare and St. Peter’s Long Term Care centres. Also, the bus route changes improved transit accessibility for new residents of the residential developments established in the central portion of the Mountview neighbourhood. In spite of the earlier route changes, service along Sanatorium Road was maintained, leading to longer trip times, circuitous routings and a declined level of passenger understanding of routes and schedules.

During the Spring and Summer of 2013, Sanatorium Road underwent reconstruction, between Rice Avenue and Redfern Avenue, requiring 33 SANATORIUM to operate on a detour, using Chedmac Drive and Redfern Avenue in both directions.



That the General Manager of Public Works be authorized and directed to permanently modify the on-street routing for HSR Route 35 COLLEGE, effective December 29, 2013, such that all bus trips will operate on West 5th Street, in both directions, between Chester Avenue and Stone Church Road, and that the routing on Chester Avenue and Chesley Street be discontinued.

The Route 35 modification results in a maximum walking distance increase of 300 metres. The overall route coverage for the southeast portion of the Gourley neighbourhood remains within 400m. Accessible Low-Floor buses will travel on a fullyurbanized arterial roadway, with accessible bus stops positioned at suitable locations. By realigning the 35 COLLEGE route, transit service will be positioned to respond in a proactive fashion to the future travel demand generated within the Mewburn and Sheldon neighbourhoods. Transit customers in the southern portions of the Gourley neighbourhood can continue to take advantage of Route 43 STONE CHURCH, which provides daily east-west service to major activity centres on the mountain. Route 43 also feeds 12 other HSR routes, including the Weekday 20 A-LINE EXPRESS service, operating between Downtown and the Airport.

Historical Background

Route 35 COLLEGE has operated on Chester Avenue and Chesley Street since 1988. The route operates on these streets while completing its routing to/from Rymal Road West, via Stone Church Road West and Upper James Street. During the 1960’s through until 1987, Route 31B FENNELL used the subject streets as an end-of-line and turnaround, given that there was no development requiring transit service on the lands south of Stone Church Road West.

In 2003, Route 43 STONE CHURCH was introduced, providing transit service along Stone Church Road, between Meadowlands and Heritage Green, via Lime Ridge Mall. Chester Avenue and Chesley Street are presently being reconstructed, requiring that the 35 COLLEGE bus detour via West 5th Street, between Chester Avenue and Stone Church Road. West 5th Street, between the LINC and Stone Church Road is scheduled for reconstruction in 2014, transforming the roadway cross-section from rural to urban.