HSR Gets a Special Visit

New Flyer XN60 | Photo from New Flyer

New Flyer XN60 | Photo from New Flyer

At a recent public works committee meeting city staff reccomended that future orders of HSR buses (2014 and beyond) be comprised of Natural Gas buses, citing the rising costs of diesel fuel and the lower cost of natural gas.

Another call out from transit users is for more articulated buses in the system to handle the over capacity on some routes. Add into the mix the newest buses in the fleet, the Xcelsior, and you get the visitor that arrived at the Mountain Transit Centre on May 13th.

A 60-foot articulated Xcelsior bus, powered by natural gas, made a brief stop at Hamilton’s HSR mountain garage en route to the delivery to Akron, Ohio’s Metro Bus fleet. The stop allowed the maintenance department to get a look at a CNG artic.

There hasn’t been any commitment on what buses will be purchased when the orders for 2014 replacement buses are ordered, but it’s a safe bet that natural gas powered articulated Xcelsior buses are top of mind.