HSR fare increase in September 2018

Different fare methods in Hamilton, including paper pass, tickets and Presto

As part of the ten-year transit plan, which was sidelined for a year before being reinstated last year, the HSR will be raising fares again in September. Fares will go up in all categories except for Cash fares, which will remain at $3.00.

The adult and student price for paper tickets as well as the Presto fare price will see a modest 10 cent increase from the current rate. The Presto fare price for Seniors will also be increased by 10 cents.

HSR Customers can continue using their current 2017-2018 tickets with an expiry date of August 31, 2018 which will remain valid thru September 30th with an additional $0.10 per ticket paid into the farebox.

Authorized ticket and pass vendors will begin to sell 2018-2019 Tickets in mid-August with a new expiry date of August 31st, 2019.

Fares effective September 2018

  • Cash (Adult, Student, Senior) – $3.00 (no change)
  • Adult – Paper Ticket or PRESTO – $2.30 $2.40
  • Adult – Monthly Pass or PRESTO – $101.20 $105.60
  • Student – Paper Ticket or PRESTO – $1.90 $2.00
  • Student – Monthly Pass or PRESTO – $83.60 $88
  • Senior – PRESTO Single Ride – $1.90 $2.00
  • PRESTO Monthly Pass – $26.50 $29.50
  • PRESTO Senior Annual Pass – $265 $295

The HSR Day Pass, which is valid for two adults and 4 youth/children, or one adult and 5 youth/children, will increase from $13.80 to $14.40.  The Day Pass is valid on all routes from start of service to end of service on one day.

The Student – Elementary/ Secondary fare is valid for persons between the ages of 5 and 19 who attends an elementary or secondary school in the City of Hamilton. All secondary students must present their HSR photo ID when using a student fare.

Seniors are persons age 65+. This fare category is available on PRESTO only.

These fare increases are supposed to increase funding to make transit enhancements, however besides the upcoming Riverdale East transit pilot on 56 CENTENNIAL, no other details have been announced.