HSR changing destination signs back to display branch information

Photo by Jason Nason | Hamilton Today

Photo by Jason Nason | Hamilton Today

The HSR announced today that effective early next week destination signs will receive an update. Included in the update is a new way in which route branches will be displayed.

The updated signs will change to the way route branches were displayed prior to December 2013 when they were streamlined. The large route “letter” branch was removed from the route line on signs and was relegated to the destination line of signs.

This change resulted in a loss of clarity for routes, especially route 5 DELAWARE which has five branches and seven end-of-line destinations. The smaller text of the destination line made it difficult to identify if an incoming bus was the correct bus at a distance. The change to smaller text also resulted in passengers accidentally boarding the wrong branch.

Earlier in the year this decision was reversed for Route 5 DELAWARE but the other routes with branches remained status quo.

As of early next week the change will roll out for the remainder of routes with branches.