Hamilton Transit Blog – Rebranded

If you’ve visited the Hamilton Transit Blog today, or checked into the various social media outlets that I use for the blog, you’ve no doubt seen somewhat if a visual change. Gone is the familiar blue-yellow-white logo and appearance, which had been replaced with a circular “HT” logo.

The change was made for a few reasons, with the primary reason to further disassociate myself with the HSR.

From the onset of the Twitter account, followed by the blog and Facebook page, I have endeavored to provide transit users with updates. Upcoming and current detours, events and news were my focus.

After the first Spectator article about what I was doing, I learned that the city was ‘concerned’ about my usage of the official HSR logo. Though I never received any request to do so, I voluntarily removed the HSR logo and created a unique logo. I retained the colour scheme and created a logo using the ‘classic’ bus from Hamilton bus stops and put this inside the iconic blue shield, both of which are easily identifiable as characteristic of public transit in Hamilton.

Today I have done so again.

Despite the previous change, and the disclaimer that my blog was unofficial, some were still concerned that people were mistaking my site and accounts for official accounts.

I have received enough misdirected angry messages via Twitter towards the HSR to agree with this.

It is for this reason, and recent online messages criticizing the Hamilton Transit Blog, that I have chosen to better identify that what I am doing is not in an official capacity. I have considered changing the @HSRTransit Twitter account name as well, however at this time feel that it would only act as a disservice to those who seek out help.

I will continue to try and do my best to help those who have questions about transit in the City of Hamilton, despite the negative comments.