Hamilton Pan Am Shuttle Schedules Released


While the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games are still a few months away, the schedule for the game day shuttles have been revealed on Metrolinx’s new trip planner Triplinx.

The shuttle will run on a ten minute frequency departing the West Harbour GO Station. The shuttle will travel south on James Street North, east into the Hamilton GO Centre. The shuttles will then run as an express to the stadium via John Street South, Main Street East, Gage Avenue North and King Street East. Shuttles will let off passengers at the Scotts Park Loading Zone.

Return shuttles will travel along King Street, north on Bay Street, east on Strachan and then south on James Street North beside the West Harbour GO Station.

Total run time for the shuttles will be 14 minutes east to the Pan Am Soccer Stadium and 12 minutes west to West Harbour GO.

Times for the shuttles will vary day to day, depending on the activities taking place, but typically the shuttle will run beginning two hours prior to the start of a match.

For example on July 11th, which is the first day of football (soccer) games taking place at the stadium, the shuttles will run from 9:00am thru 12:50am. Games on this day run from 11:00am. The next day, where there the games start at 5:30pm, the shuttle runs from 3:30pm until 12:20am.

Pan Am Shuttle departure schedule from West Harbour GO Station on July 11th, 2015.

Pan Am Shuttle departure schedule from West Harbour GO Station on July 11th, 2015.

It should be noted, as is noted on Triplinx, that schedules are subject to change and could be modified in the coming months. These shuttles will not be operated by the HSR and will be operated by First School Group.

The HSR will be extending its “Ticket to Ride” promotion during the Pan Am Games, All fans with a game ticket will be able to ride any regularly scheduled HSR bus for the entire day of the event during the Pan Am Games.