First Enhanced A-LINE & B-LINE Amenities to be Built by Years End

After numerous delays, construction of the first of the brand new enhanced transit shelters is now on track. The project is two years behind schedule but the first phase of the project is planned to be completed by the end of the year.

In May 2013 the city gave the go ahead to begin the process on these amenities, aiming for the full roll out of the shelters for December 2013. An update earlier in the year had shifted the timeline for the first phase to be completed by the Spring of this year. Construction is now targeted for next month.

“We have experienced some further delays with the Shelter Manufacturer and the negotiation of the contract,” stated Trevor Horzelenberg in an email on Thursday afternoon. Horzelenberg, who is now the senior project manager for Light Rail Transit Coordination, also noted that the other locations are planned to be installed next spring.

The first prototype location, at the Mountain Transit Centre, is tentatively scheduled to be installed this spring. The new amenities will be installed at the newly opened Park and Ride facility.

The project is fully funded by Metrolinx who provided the City of Hamilton $29.8 million in 2008 for their “Quick Wins” initiative to be used for municipal capital expenditures for Transit Vehicles and Infrastructure to support A-Line and B-Line. Of those funds, approximately $1.4 million of the Quick‐Wins funds was set aside to be used to improve customer service amenities on the A‐LINE and B‐LINE rapid transit corridors.