Extended, Satuday and Bi-Directional Service Coming to 18 WATERDOWN in September 2015


Route 18 WATERDOWN will see some MAJOR improvements when the fall schedules take effect this September, including increased service, Saturday service and bi-directional service. The route will not run in a clockwise loop and buses will now travel in both directions through the community of Waterdown.

Several new bus stops will be installed on select collector streets, along with new bus stops on the south side of Dundas Street and the north side of Parkside Drive. A new bus stop will also be established beside Walmart. Route 18 WATERDOWN buses will now operate in both directions, instead of the one-way clockwise routing currently operated on Dundas and on Parkside.

Service frequency will be 30 minutes in both directions. Service will be provided on Weekdays between 5:30 a.m and 8:30 p.m and on Saturdays between 8:30 a.m and 8:30 p.m. All buses will operate via Mill Street and Waterdown Road to/from the Aldershot GO/VIA Station, where connections to GO, VIA and Burlington Transit can be made.

Service will no longer be provided on Evans or on Highway #6. There will be no service provided on Sundays and Holidays.


  • Opposite #335 Dundas (opposite Waterdown Manor)
  • Dundas at First (30 metres east of First St.)
  • Dundas at Burke (100 metres west of Burke St.)
  • Burke at Humphrey (beside #57 Humphrey St.)
  • Dundas Opposite Pamela
  • Spring Creek at Dundas
  • Opposite #175 Spring Creek
  • Spring Creek at Parkside (infront of #310 Spring Creek Dr.)
  • Parkside Opposite Boulding (infront of #435 and #437 Parkside Dr.)
  • Parkside Opposite Victoria (infront of #331 & #333 Parkside Dr.)
  • Parkside at Hamilton (40 metres west of Hamilton St.)
  • Parkside Opposite Keewaydin (35 metres east of Waterdown Highschool)
  • Parkside at Wimberly (25 metres west of Wimberly Ave.)
  • Parkside at Mosaic
  • Parkside at Sadielou Blvd. (60 metres east of Sadielou Blvd.)
  • Hollybush Opposite Ryans Way (infront of Belmont Park)
  • Hollybush at Dundas (beside #35 Slater Ct.)
  • at #50 Horseshoe (50 metres west of the Keg)
  • Clappison at Dundas (40 metres north of Dundas St.)
  • Walmart (south of the smoking shelter east of Staples)
  • Dundas at Howland Mills (at rear of #1 Bronte Ct.)
  • Dundas at Dennis (beside #18 Dennis Ave.)
  • Dundas at Bayview (infront of #182 Dundas St./beside #4 Bayview)
  • Dundas at Berry Hill (infront of #232 Dundas St. (Esso))
  • Dundas at Hamilton (infront of #262 Dundas St.)
  • Dundas at Main (infront of #304 Dundas St. (RBC))
  • Hollybush at Ryans Way (beside #110 Ryans Way)
  • Hollybush at Parkside (at rear of #1 Strathroy Cr.)
  • Spring Creek at Niska (infront of #191 Spring Creek Dr.)
  • Spring Creek at Blue Sky Trail (rear of #3 Blue Sky Trail)

Source: City of Hamilton [PDF]