City Planning Shuttles for the Pan Am Games


It’s still in the planning stages, but the city is looking towards providing shuttle service during next year’s Pan Am Games. The buses will be used to shuttle spectators from the new James Street North GO station, the Hamilton GO Centre (Hunter Street) and the Pan Am Stadium. The shuttles would run on a circuit approximately 2-hours before each game and 2-hours after.

The city is also in the planning stages to provide game-day shuttle service, similar to the free Tiger-Cat Express buses.

“The message for the Games is that we are encouraging spectators to utilize public transportation and active transportation alternatives instead of using a car to enjoy the soccer events in Hamilton,” Alan Kirkpatrick said via email. “With a game-day ticket, spectators can ride public transportation for free, including GO Transit, HSR and the shuttle.”

The city is also planning on a spectator paid parking area in the area of Gage Avenue and Burlington Street. Though the site of the parking area is still to be determined, there will also be a shuttle service to/from stadium 2 hours before and 2 hours after each game.

Source: Alan Kirkpatrick (Transportation Planning City of Hamilton) via email