Camera testing phase begins on HSR buses

Photo by Jason Nason

Photo by Jason Nason

The City of Hamilton announced today that they have started a testing phase of security cameras on-board HSR buses. With the majority of these installations complete, the cameras started rolling as of this morning.

The cost to outfit the entire fleet with the security cameras was $1.7 million, which was funded through HSR’s capital budget.

The security camera installation should aid both passenger and operator safety, giving staff and police access to video in the event of incidents on board.

“Improving the customer and operator experience is an important part of our 10 year strategy. Safe and reliable service is a key component.” stated Debbie Dalle Vedove, Director of Transit in the release.

40 ft buses, which make up the majority of the fleet, will have eight cameras installed – five inside and three on the outside of the bus. Articulated buses (60 ft.) will have eleven cameras installed – eight inside and three on the exterior.

The City has stated that they will only access the footage if there is an investigation. There is no real-time monitoring of the footage. Footage will normally be kept for 72 hours.

If there is an incident, the City will retain the footage as per our Records Retention By-Law. If the bus is in an accident, the cameras have sensors that will automatically flag and save the footage.