Burlington Transit Route 1/1X PLAINS and Route 101 PLAINS EXPRESS Changes starting September 2nd


Burlington Transit is making minor changes to routes 1 PLAINS and 101 PLAINS EXPRESS. To help improve the reliability of Route 1/1x and Route 101, the following changes are being made, effective Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018.

Route schedules are not affected by these changes.

Route 101 Express

Starting on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018, Route 101 PLAINS EXPRESS will become an express route between Hamilton and Burlington and will make fewer stops.

In Hamilton, Route 101 PLAINS EXPRESS will stop at

  • York Boulevard at Queen Street N.
  • York Boulevard at Bay Street N.
  • Catherine Street N. at King William Street
  • King Street at James Street

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From Hamilton, Route 101 PLAINS EXPRESS to Burlington GO will travel directly to Plains Road West at Waterdown Road and will then make all regular stops to the Burlington GO station.

Route 101 PLAINS EXPRESS to Hamilton will stop at Plains Road West at Waterdown Road and travel directly to its next stop at York Boulevard at Queen Street South.

Route 1/1X PLAINS – Fewer Stops

As of Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018, Route 1/1X PLAINS will make limited stops on York Boulevard and Plains Road West, west of Gorton Avenue.

To ride the Route 1/1X PLAINS, please proceed to one of the following stops:

  • Plains Road West at Gorton Avenue
  • Plains Road West at Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) Main Building
  • Plains Road West at Botanical Drive
  • York Boulevard at Plains Road
  • York Boulevard at RBG Rock Garden
  • York Boulevard at Old Guelph Road
  • York Boulevard at Dundurn Castle


Waterdown Road Route Change

Starting Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018, Hamilton-bound Route 1X PLAINS into the Aldershot GO station will turn north on Cooke Boulevard.


Burlington-bound Route 1X PLAINS will continue to turn left at Waterdown Road to go to the Aldershot GO station.

Customers wishing to ride the Hamilton-bound 1X PLAINS to the Aldershot GO should proceed to the new bus stop at Masonry Court at Waterdown Road or Plains Road at Cooke Boulevard.

Route 1 PLAINS does not go to the Aldershot GO and continues its regular route along Plains Road.

Source: City of Burlington