Burlington Transit making big changes come September

Burlington Transit is making some significant changes come September. Beginning on September 1st, 2019, Burlington Transit will make big changes to the transit system, including the introduction of new routes, schedules and frequencies.

Burlington Transit is moving more towards a transit system that operates on a grid network, with bus service along the city’s most-travelled roads in an east-west and north-south direction. The city states that establishing a grid network will create a transit network with more frequent and better-connected service to help meet the mobility needs of the community.

For the most part operating on a grid network eases confusion of the network as a whole and making navigating to and from destinations much easier.

The changes come after the City of Burlington sought out customer feedback about the network, held at a series of open house events in April this year. With the feedback gathered at these sessions, several revisions were made to the draft routes and schedules.

  • Extending the Route 4 bus further into Aldershot
  • The addition of weekend service to the 407 carpool parking lot on Routes 2 and 3
  • Introduction of improved service and more buses on holidays.

In addition to moving towards a grid network, the Sept. 1, 2019 changes will also:

  • Move bus service to the south side of the Burlington GO Station – Buses will operate along, and enter the GO Station, from Fairview Street
  • Reduce route duplication – Remove routes that cover the same road segments as other routes and routes that operate in only one direction
  • Improve frequency of routes – Increase frequency on routes that travel along major roads.

Routes 1 PLAINS and 21 FAIRVIEW will be merged into one longer route which will travel from downtown Hamilton to Appleby GO Station. These two routes were originally one long route before being split into two routes. Frequency for the routes will be improved from one bus every 30 minutes to every 20 minute all day. Evening service after 6pm will operate every 30 minutes. The holiday schedule has also been merged with the Sunday schedule meaning that buses will operate with these headways instead of the traditional 60 minute frequency for holiday service.

Last weekend service on the 1 PLAINS broke down when the single bus on the route fell behind leaving some passengers waiting for more than an hour for a bus into Hamilton.

Also with the changes, Burlington Transit is moving back to the south side of the Burlington GO Station. Starting September 1st, 2019, routes 2, 6, 10, 12, 50, 51, 52, 80, 81, 87 and 101 will enter and exit the Burlington GO Station from Fairview Street. The only exception to this is the aforementioned 1 PLAINS. With the routes extension to Appleby, route 1 will travel along Fairview Street and stop on Fairview Street, in front of the Burlington GO Station.





Source: City of Burlington