ADVISORY: Claremont Access closure could impact routes using other mountain accesses thru February


The City of Hamilton has closed the down-bound lanes of the Claremont escarpment access due to safeby concerns and the access will remain closed until late February while the City of Hamilton completes necessary remedial work.

Initial plans to convert one of the Claremont’s existing up-bound lanes to allow for down-bound traffic have been cancelled due to concerns that they could cause further traffic congestion for the afternoon rush hour. The city has made adjustments to traffic signals to reduce backlogs and staff will continue to monitor the area and make changes to improve traffic timing throughout the duration of the closure.

While no HSR routes use the Claremont Access for any portion of routing, the adjacent mountain accesses may see an increase in traffic flow due to the closure.

Be advised that the following routes may see delays due to increased traffic on James Mountain Road, the Jolly Cut, and Beckett Drive.

Source: City of Hamilton