Holiday Service Schedule for Easter Weekend

The Hamilton Street Railway will be operating on a holiday schedule for the Good Friday on April 18th. More »

Progress in Hamilton

Metrolinx is investing in Hamilton to improve access to transit and help create an integrated transportation system for all in the GTHA. More »


4 BAYFRONT Detoured Weekdays Due to Construction


Effective immediately and until further notice, all 4 BAYFRONT buses will be on a temporary detour between the hours of 12pm – 6pm on Monday thru Friday. This detour is as a result of heavy traffic on Nash and Barton due to lane restrictions and construction.

City Repainting Bus Lane Markings Soon


As the temperatures start to get warmer, City crews are preparing to refresh the pavement markings in the transit-only lane that runs on the north side of King Street from Mary to New Streets.  The original markings were painted last October and the extreme conditions we experienced this winter caused the markings to fade earlier than expected. 

The markings are expected to be reapplied within the next several weeks when weather conditions are favourable.  Other improvements that are being made to the bus lane include:

Holiday Service Schedule for Easter Weekend

As a reminder, the Hamilton Street Railway will be operating on a holiday schedule for the Good Friday on April 18th. On this date many routes will be operating with reduced frequencies while some routes will not be operating at all. The HSR will be operating on a regular Sunday schedule on Sunday April 20th for Easter Sunday and will be operating on a regular weekday schedule on Easter Monday, April 21st.

The following routes will not be in service on Good Friday or Easter Sunday:

Kenilworth Construction Detours 41 MOHAWK April 7th – July


Effective Monday, April 7th, 2014 and until approximately the end of July, Kenilworth Avenue from south of Burlington Street to north of Dofasco Avenue will be closed due to construction.

Unlicensed Retailers Selling HSR Bus Tickets for Profit?

Different fare methods in Hamilton, including paper pass, tickets and Presto

HSR bus tickets are an alternative to paying cash when you board an HSR bus. Using tickets (or the PRESTO card) is a quicker way to pay and makes boarding the bus more efficient. Rather than fumbling with change at the farebox, and making sure that you have exact change, a ticket is quicker and easier. And it’s cheaper too. Using the PRESTO card or a bus ticket will cost an adult $2.00 rather than the $2.55 cash fare. A child ticket costs just $1.65.

But it’s come to my attention that there are some retailers which are overcharging for bus tickets. There is no mark-up for bus tickets and retailers are supposed to sell them at face value. Retailers don’t make any profit on selling tickets and passes. The benefit for retailers is the increased foot traffic in their business as those transit users who are buying tickets often make other purchases while they are there.

One concerned citizen who contacted the HSR was told to check if the retailer was one of those licensed to sell tickets. There are apparently various retailers who purchase tickets from stores, only to then resell them for profit.

City Planning Shuttles for the Pan Am Games


It’s still in the planning stages, but the city is looking towards providing shuttle service during next year’s Pan Am Games. The buses will be used to shuttle spectators from the new James Street North GO station, the Hamilton GO Centre (Hunter Street) and the Pan Am Stadium. The shuttles would run on a circuit approximately 2-hours before each game and 2-hours after.

The city is also in the planning stages to provide game-day shuttle service, similar to the free Tiger-Cat Express buses.

“The message for the Games is that we are encouraging spectators to utilize public transportation and active transportation alternatives instead of using a car to enjoy the soccer events in Hamilton,” Alan Kirkpatrick said via email. “With a game-day ticket, spectators can ride public transportation for free, including GO Transit, HSR and the shuttle.”

New and Upcoming Bus Shelter Installations


There are some sixty new bus shelters planned to be installed through the city of Hamilton, with twenty six of those already installed as of today. The new shelters are being installed as a result of a plan by staff which was brought to a Public Works Committee meeting back on March 18th, 2013. That report recommended installing up to 56 shelters at a budgeted cost of $10,000 per shelter. The transit shelter expansion plan is fully funded from the Transit Provincial Gas Tax Reserve.

The transit shelter expansion program had until 2010 historically been funded through the advertising contract between the City and CBS Outdoor Canada (CBS). However in 2010, the agreement was subject to re-negotiation and was subsequently amended eliminating the requirement for CBS to fund an annual transit shelter expansion of 15 new shelters per year. Consequently, since 2010, there has been no expansion of the transit shelter inventory while the list of requests for new installations has grown substantively.

Council approved the Public Works Committee Report 13-003 that dealt with staff report PW13005 concerning “Transit Bus Shelter Expansion Plan” on March 27th, 2013.

Below is a full list of the newly installed and planned shelters:

2014 Transit Service Enhancements Approved – Starts September 2014

After the last presentation to GIC left the councillors requesting cuts to the 2014 Transit Service Enhancement Plan, Don Hull made a brief presentation to GIC on Thursday morning with a slightly scaled back plan. The plan will see service enhancements to three routes, two east-west mountain routes (43 STONE CHURCH and 44 RYMAL) as well as one north-south route (20 A-LINE EXPRESS).

Today’s proposal was unanimously passed by the GIC.

The report comes at the request of council last June following the approval of the Rapid Ready report on June 26th, 2013. This report was the first of two coming, with the next report due out in the summer with a ten-year local transit service level strategy, including specific route recommendations and a financial strategy, with reference to the role played by rapid transit, and with a goal of reaching 80-100 rides per capita by 2025.

More GO Buses added from Hamilton GO to Square One Beginning April 5th


The Government of Ontario announced several service enhancements to GO Transit services beginning April 5th, including service which will impact Hamilton. GO Bus service on route 47 407 WEST will see trips added on weekdays and weekends. There will also be some modifications to the Lakeshore West GO Train as well as slight schedule changes to 12 NIAGARA-BURLINGTON, which makes a stop at the Stoney Creek Carpool Lot at Barton and Nash.

Here is a summary of the changes:

2014 Around the Bay Road Race Detours on March 30th


This summarizes detours due to the Around the Bay Road Race. As in past years, this event consists of both a 30k run (approximately 9,000 runners entered) and a 5k run (approximately 2,500 runners entered). Please note that the routings for both the 5K and 30K runs have been revised for this year.


The 30K race will start at York and Caroline at 9:30 AM and will continue east on York, north on James, east on Guise, east on Dock Service Road, south on Ferguson and east on Burlington Street. The race will then exit Burlington Street to Woodward Avenue and then continue with the routing that has been used in previous years.
No traffic will be allowed through on the cross streets while the runners are on James (Cannon and Barton) at the start of the race for a period of about 15-20 minutes while the runners clear the intersections.